February 2018

Labour Market Bulletin

Annual Release: GVA and Job Density


Table 6 collates the latest job density data and GVA per head data by area. There are currently 0.97 jobs per resident in Warwickshire which exceeds the regional and national averages of 0.79 and 0.85 respectively. This shows that there is a high concentration of jobs within the Warwickshire economy. Over the same period, £30,609 worth of output was produced per capita; which suggests that there is a higher than average standard of living in the local area compared to nationwide. A high standard of living correlates with a strong labour market and therefore encourages greater social mobility and prosperity.

North Warwickshire currently has the highest job density and GVA per head figure of 1.27 and £39,264 respectively; boosted by considerable growth over the last three years. This suggests that there are higher levels of prosperity in the local area. In contrast, Nuneaton and Bedworth has lower than average jobs per capita at 0.67 and one of the lowest GVA per head figures in the West Midlands (£17,246), due to weaker growth in the economy.


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